Aufruf Klimawahl (englisch): „Munich has to act“

In July 2019 the alliance „Munich has to act“ sent an open letter to the Munich municipal council. It supported the demands of Fridays for Future Munich in asking the city to commit to the goals of the Paris climate accord. Back then the alliance consisted of 125 organizations, NGOs, foundations and companies.

In the meantime the alliance has grown to 450 partners. The goal of the alliance is to participate actively in Munich city politics and to pressure the city council to act. We want the city council to enact measures for climate protection and pleasant living conditions in the city. In addition we want to turn the election on March 15th 2020 into a climate election.

Therefore we are developing an election consulting site (, to give everybody the chance to educate him- or herself about the political parties and their candidates. This website will show how the candidates are positioned on the 32 demands of Fridays for Future.

Climate change is not the problem of the far future or of faraway countries. It already happens right here and right now in Europe.

A lot of people in Germany have relatives in the Mediterranean area. This area is increasingly hit by water shortage and severe weather. In the following decades large areas could become uninhabitable and thus the existence of millions of people could be at stake. The alliance “Munich has to act” campaigns for the preservation of an environment worth living and climate justice for everybody.

We aspire to include everybody: politics, administrations and above all every group in society. This is necessary, because we have a challenge in front of us, that concerns us all and that can only be solved together. Therefore we have to stand together and vote “climate” on March 15th 2020.

Every person 18 years and over with a German passport is eligible to vote. This also applies to citiziens of EU countries that have registered in Munich as their principal residence before Jan 14th. 2020.

This is why we are looking forward to have your backing. Become a partner of the alliance and support our demands. Ask for the execution of our demands. Share our comments on social media, support our work financially and make others aware of our alliance. A list of all partners can be found on our website

Time is running out if you want to support us in our campaign for a city, which is climate neutral and worthy living as well. Please contact us at

We are looking forward to work with you.

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